Electrical Energy Storage (EES) installations have experienced radical growth during the last few years. Several chemistries and system configurations have appeared with Lithium, Ni-Cd, Redox Flow Batteries and Supercapacitors leading the market. Power Control Systems (PCS) such as epic power integrated DC/DC solutions can play an important role in the new global scenario.

As photovoltaic installations work in DC, any energy storage system based on batteries or supercapacitors can benefit from a simpler and higher efficient way of producing and storing energy. Flexible DC/DC converters with a very wide working range on both sides allow for an optimal and customized solutions for each project.

any energy storage

Epic power bidirectional DC/DC converters have been designed to work with any kind of battery chemistry, at any voltage and at any current.

Parallelization in DC is simple and allows to build bigger or smaller installations depending on the number of units installed. Automatic operation and internal communication do the rest to ease the use of the technology.

EPC rack ultra capacitors

battery power converter

complete turn-key solutions

Complete turn-key solutions where batteries/supercapacitors are integrated with a pre-configured PCS start a standardization process in the EES & PCS industry that has traditionally been project-centered and customized.