AGVs & shuttles (supercapacitor powered)

Shuttles and small AGVs, commonly found in automatic warehouses, tend to perform hundreds or thousands of trips per day. These trips are normally preconfigured and restricted in length, time and load making it possible to determine the amount of energy required by the machine. Due to the operation of the machines, the requirement of high power and energy for short periods make the use of supercapacitors to power them ideal.

epic power offers solutions based on this technology to power standard AC motors and drives in the machines and avoid electrified monorails in the warehouse. The vehicle becomes independent and only needs to stop for seconds to charge the supercapacitor module fully.

Several additional benefits are also achieved:
  • Dimensioning of a module of supercapacitor for each application
  • Plug&Play solution
  • Duty considerably increased
  • Extra fast charging (from 10 to 30 seconds)
  • 24/7 operation
  • No need for an extra charger

One of the biggest knowledges of epic power is the integration of power electronics and energy storage based on supercapacitors. This energy storage technology is perfect for high power and low energy density applications as AGV’s & shuttles systems.

epic power provides special solution based on Customer requirements integrating the DC / DC power converter and the supercapacitors energy storage (could be as well made with batteries).