CAN bluetooth

The “CAN – Bluetooth” device is normally used in support operations where the maintenance operator must monitor the behavior of the EPC converter without direct access to the machine. A custom app has been developed to connect to the device and log/extract all the necessary information.

CAN open white

The “CANopen interface” expands the embedded communication protocols of EPC series converter with the CANopen functionality (CiA 301 and CiA 453). It is only available for current control modes

CAN open lift

The intelligent power supply manages the energy of the lift allowing to use the lift in case of power failure during several trips and improving the energy balance of the lift by storing brake energy. Now with the “CAN – CANopen LIFT Interface” the solutions for elevators are easier to integrate.

CAN BMS interface

The “CAN-Battery Management System” includes a powerful estimation algorithm trained with the battery under study. The device adapts its internal operations to the real state of the battery to obtain the highest accuracy possible. Any battery can be studied and included in the algorithm when it is charged and discharged with an EPC converter.

CAN smart battery charging device

The “Smart Battery Charging Device” integrates a battery charging profile that regulates the different stages of charge needed in any battery. The device supports the charging of any kind of battery (lead-acid, lithium…) that works within the range of operation of the EPC series converter installed. The “Smart Battery Charging Device” ensures the correct charge of the battery, its safety and reliability as the charging operation is done according to the manufacturer recommendations.

CAN custom interface

The “Custom Interface” gives the possibility of working in a special Autonomous Mode according to the desired specification.

epic power real time edge bidirectional dc dc converter

The “Real Time Device” connects your EPC series converters with the cloud to make them accessible from anywhere in the world. The real time logging allows for on-line support and quick problem solving. Also, it can be used to extract information of use behavior, energy used, peak power and errors.

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