Occupant evacuation elevators technology: A case study.

The technology for elevator evacuation equipment is becoming increasingly advanced, partly due to the strict demands of safety regulations. In the face of power outages or emergency situations such as fires, having systems that ensure effective, fast, and safe evacuation for occupants is essential.

The challenge for epic power

It was to implement an emergency evacuation system in a 1350 kg elevator, complying with the Elevator Regulations EN81.72 and BS9999, which cover elevators that can be used for firefighting and evacuation purposes.

The goal was to guarantee continuous operation during power outages or fire alerts without the need for a diesel generator or major modifications to the installation.

Machine room where the epic power solution for elevator evacuation e3 has been installed

e3 (epic evacuation equipment). The provided solution

The installation of the e3 system (Epic Evacuation Equipment) was chosen in a scenario that met all the aforementioned requirements. We collaborated with One Lift Group for this purpose.

The implementation was carried out in the machine room where the elevator control is located, without the need for additional construction or structural changes.

e3 System - Epic Power Elevator Evacuation Equipment in detail.
Electrical diagram of the emergency evacuation system by Epic Power.

The benefit obtained thanks to evacuation elevator technology

The elevator, 1350 kg, two floors (6-7 meters), is one of the many cases where this system fits.

Elevator where the epic power emergency evacuation solution for elevators has been installed.

In the event of power outages or fire alerts, the system ensures its operation, allowing for more than 100 trips without interruptions. This ensures constant functionality even in potential adverse situations.

The installation complies with the most stringent safety standards and ensures the use of the elevator during the necessary evacuation time for that setup.