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DC/DC converters – EPC

EPC systems have shaped the new generation of bidirectional DC/DC Converters. EPCs (Epic Power Converters) are suitable for a large number of applications ranging from industrial ones to those in the field of renewable energies.

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Bidirectional high-efficient DC/DC power converters. With a wide range of voltage levels in both sides, the EPCs are capable of managing power in both directions.

EPC 5k5 648i-A

Features DC DC converter

  • Bidirectionality. Managing energy flow in both directions
  • Ultra-high efficiency, achieved with silicon carbide transistor technology.
  • Scalable with easy paralellization.
  • Galvanic isolation.
  • Maintains the DC link voltage in the absence of main supply.
  • Soft pre-charge of the DC link. Suitable to switch ON and OFF the drive as many times as required in order to save energy and life expectancy of the inverter.
  • Automatic change of power flow to stabilize either input or output voltage without stopping voltage regulation.
  • CAN communication available to implement voltage or current control and transmit relevant measurements of operation parameters (voltage, power, current, temperatures, etc.).
  • Customized versions available upon request.


isolatedHigh side Voltage [Vdc]Low side Voltage [Vdc]Power per unit [kW]
EPC 3k5 648i510-8480-593.5
EPC 5k5 648i510-8480-595.5
EPC 2k2 624i510-8480-302.2
EPC 2k2 348i280-4500-592.2
EPC 2k2 324i280-4500-302.2
EPC 4k8 6125i430-8300-1654.8
EPC 7k 670i510-8480-887
EPC 8k 8380i650-8480-6008
EPC 50A 046050-4600-41020
EPC 50A 065050-6500-60030
EPC 50A 84850-8480-79840
EPC 50A 120050-12000-115257
EPC ?k? custom????

Build your custom converter

If you cannot find a solution that suits your needs, request a quote for a custom converter.
If you prefer you can use our Converter Configurator to request a quote easily.
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