Another example of industrial elevation is a crane. The loads are picked, hoisted up, moved and hoisted down in many different places and industries. A very interesting one is the RTG (Rubber-Tyred Gantry) crane that is used in intermodal operations to ground or stack containers.

These and other cranes are normally powered by diesel generator systems oversized in terms of mean power due to the necessity of high initial hoisting-up power peaks. When containers are lowered the energy is waisted in large braking resistors.

epic power provides solutions based on supercapacitors and batteries for this market to achieve the following purposes:

  • Battery or supercapacitor system acting as electronic counterweight and peak smother
  • Reduce the size of the diesel generator à Less peak power is required
  • Reduce the braking resistor bank à The braking energy is stored in the batteries
  • Stop the diesel generator during idle times
  • Diesel savings
  • Increase the duty operation since less fuel is used
  • Flexible system that allows to increase the power or energy any moment