Quality, environment, research, technological development and innovation policy

EPIC POWER’s main objective is to satisfy and even go beyond the needs and expectations of its Customers, complying with all the requirements of the standards or regulations that apply or may apply.

All of the organisation’s personnel, in each job position, carry out their duties in a customer-oriented manner, with the understanding that the good work and development of our Integrated Management System is everyone’s responsibility.

The Management is the driving force and ultimate responsible for the aspects related to this Integrated Policy of quality, environment, research, technological development and innovation so that it is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organisation in accordance with the vision and strategy of R+D+iI. Furthermore, Managamenent is also responsible  for the implementation, development and continuous improvement of the processes and the Integrated Management System of EPIC POWER through the following milestones:

1.Customer orientation.

The Company’s main objective is the satisfaction of its Customers, having as a fundamental principle to seek and maintain their trust in its products and services, thus improving the effectiveness of the relationship and interactions with the Customer. To this end, EPIC POWER provides a reference framework for the establishment of Quality, Environmental and R+D+i Objectives.

2. Fulfilment of requirements.

EPIC POWER offers products that meet the legal, regulatory and other requirements that apply to our company.

3. Collaboration with suppliers.

For EPIC POWER, synergies with suppliers are essential to ensure that they are integrated into our production processes and participate in obtaining the highest levels of quality in our products and services, as well as in minimising environmental impact.

4. Pollution prevention.

At EPIC POWER we consider the prevention of pollution in our activities to be essential and we seek continuous improvement for an adequate environmental performance, through everyone’s behaviour and good practices, in order to minimise the environmental impact in the production, use and disposal of all our products.

5. Sustainable Development.

EPIC POWER’s management is constantly seeking the trust of its customers through its products and services, offering solutions in line with sustainability, thus facilitating compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals approved in the 2030 Agenda.

6. Training and communication.

The basis for continuous improvement and organisational development is laid down in the continuous training of all staff and in an agile internal communication, that facilitates the transmission of experiences among EPIC POWER staff.

7. Error prevention and continuous improvement.

We give priority to preventing defects, learning from mistakes and preventing them from recurring. To achieve this, our philosophy is to do things right the first time.

8. Commitment to preventing harm and health deterioration

It is a fundamental aspect for the organisation that the development of our activities does not cause risks or health problems for our workers, contractors, subcontractors and visitors. For this reason, our priority is to work permanently on the improvement of the management related to Health and Safety at Work.

9. Innovation as the key to success.

The continuous innovation of our products and services to offer customers and users the best performance at all times, opening new markets and new opportunities, seeking excellence and leadership in the sector, is one of our main lines of evolution and path towards our objectives.

Signed: Pilar Molina (CEO)
Zaragoza, 21/04/2022