Cranes and industrial elevators

Elevation systems as cranes and industrial elevators have been designed to lift and lower big loads at medium-high speed. This process, also quite repetitive, creates a very high peak power for a low average power requirement. Also, the type of movement and the absence of counterweight makes these machines simple in terms of consumption/generation.

epic power solutions plug to the DC link of industrial AC hoisting drives to improve the energy, power, and the CO2 emissions efficiency of such machines. Years of work in the elevation sector taught us the way of implementing peak shaving and energy reduction features in a simple and automatic way.

DC DC converters for vehicles

Plug and play solution to save energy/fuel

Via monitoring the DC link of a drive epic power converters can absorb the energy from the braking in batteries/supercapacitors and return it to the drive in the next consumption trip to reduce the overall energy/fuel consumption.

Intelligent management of energy

Intelligent management of energy

An intelligent management of energy allows to reducing peak power consumption while new state of the art control create a big reduction in power contract or diesel generator sizing as the starting dP/dt slope and peak power are highly reduced.