Bidirectional DC DC converters for Lift

Energy intelligent management for lifts. Energy Recovery, Peak Shaving, Electronic Counterweight, Power Supplies, Solar Lifts, UPS, evacuation and more

Easy to install, multi-brand, special turn solutions are manufactured by epic power for the elevator market. We offer integration of energy storage and renewable energy. Our solutions are plug&play for both new and existing installations. Our solutions contribute to saving energy, reducing peak consumption, avoiding diesel generator for special purpose evacuation elevators and achieving near-Zero-energy buildings.

Transform any elevator into an energy intelligent one, taking advantage of energy storage and solar energy.

Innovating your elevator with energy storage

Solutions for the world of the elevator, for new and already installed elevators. Multibrand.

ERS Energy Recovery System render


Energy Recovery System

Energy Recovery System with energy storage as an alternative to a regenerative unit or wasting energy.

P2S – Plug to Single

Single-Phase Power Supply System

Transforms a three-phase lift into a 500W peak power single-phase lift, a regenerative and making it possible to operate in case of power failure

P2S Single-Phase Power Supply System
HISS Homelift Intelligent Supply System


Homelift Intelligent Supply System

Transform a Homelift in a 200W peak power one. Again, regenerative and able to operate as a single-phase homelift making possible to operate in case of power blackout


epic evacuation equipment

High-performance backup power supply for mains failure. Energizes the elevator for a large number of trips and extended time enabling complete building evacuation.

e3 epic evacuation equipment

We are working in ERS 3G:
the new generation of Energy Recovery Systems