e3 – Evacuation Equipment for lifts

High-performance backup power supply for mains failure. Energizes the elevator for a large number of trips and extended time enabling complete building evacuation.

System that supplies energy to the elevator in case of mains failure. More than a UPS because it keeps the elevator energized for a large number of trips to any floor making safe and complete evacuation of buildings possible. This high-performance auxiliary supply system keeps the elevator running for hundreds of trips without mains. The system keeps the control informed in every moment about the state-of-charge of the batteries.

The installation is very simple, even for existing elevators with no additional cabling to floors.

Advantages of using E3

  • Simple connection and easy adaptation to any lift, even for modernization.
  • The elevator controller keeps full control of the system and the elevator (no additional control)
  • 48 V battery pack for all models with a constrained size and easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • Regenerative. Recovers the energy generated by the elevator and stores it in the batteries thus expanding the duration of the evacuation time.
  • Alternative to traditional backup auxiliary systems. Suitable for new or existing elevators due its simple installation and adaptation.

Product range and technical features