A hybrid powered solution for cranes achieve reductions in fuel consumption, size of generator and braking resistor bank. Energy stored is used by a DC/DC converter to counterweight the power requirements and save the braking energy.

Industrial Elevator

Electronic counterweight and peak shaving can be provided by a bidirectional DC/DC converter-based solution working with batteries and/or supercapacitors.

Passengers Elevator

The use of less power from the grid or the reduction of the overall energy consumption can be achieved with battery and/or supercapacitor powered DC/DC converter-based solutions.

Hybrid boats

Combine a traditional fuel generator with a battery- powered system based on DC/DC to make a hybrid boat. Charge your batteries from the wind and move the boat freely without the need for it in the harbour.

On-grid hydrogen generation

Flexible solution for grid-connected hydrogen fuel cells through isolated DC/DC converters. High efficiency, robustness and easy parallelization for infinite combinations of power requirements.