Logistics – AGVs (battery powered)

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) powered by electric energy from batteries have traditionally used low voltage DC motors to operate. Due to the low voltage of the batteries, the current needed by the motor (to provide a specific power) increases and as such, a bulkier, heavier and more expensive machine is needed.

 Low side Voltage range [V]Output Voltage range [V]Power [W]
EPC 011k0 0600-004832~57Vdc600~630Vdc11.000

By including a DC/DC converter between the battery and the motor, the use of a bulky low voltage machine is no longer necessary. Our DC/DC converters increase the voltage of the battery in order to feed a standard 230 or 400 Vac drive, thus reducing the size and cost of the previous motor solution.

Several additional benefits are also achieved:
  • Better speed control
  • Synchronisation
  • Price, weight and dimension reduction
  • Braking saved in the batteries
  • No need for a battery charger
  • Battery SoC information
  • Fast charging reducing idle times

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) powered with batteries are using low voltage DC motors. Working with this technology means more current, volume, weight and money than using AC motors with higher voltage.

This bidirectional DC/DC converter allow to our customer using standard VVVF (3 phase or single-phase) and a synchronous motor for AGV application using the same batteries (voltage, capacity, etc).

Working with AC motors provides better speed control, acceleration and torque among other features as well as a reduction in the price of the final solution.