Marine DC to DC converter

bidirectional DC/DC converters are becoming key elements in the new hybrid and/or full electric marine scenario. Managing the energy flow or doing special MPPT algorithms are the most important task for our DC/DC converters

Interest among vessel owners in hybrid and electric propulsion is still growing due to maintenance advantages, fuel-savings and emission reduction.

As a microgrid itself, future marine applications are adopting DC power architecture which bring important benefits to the onboard power distribution

epic power DC DC converters technology offers the required flexibility to fit in your projects.

Solar pane boat

special MPPT algorithms

We can integrate any special MPPT algorithms in our firmware to fit your solar panel distribution and battery requirements. Wide range of operation, fast response, custom regulation and MPPT control allow for a solution beyond the state of the art. Make the most of your space and installation.

hybrid propulsion system

hybrid propulsion system

Now it is possible to use the boat common battery to supply the DC-link of the drive. It allows to have electric power to move in silent and zero emission way among other advantages. Bidirectionality allows for a simplification of system architecture and control to make your boat the same but better.