HISS – Homelift Intelligent Supply System

HISS is an intelligent supply system for electric HOMELIFTS that feeds the elevator from a single-phase mains socket with only 200W peak power consumption. The included accumulators allow for hundreds of trips after a mains failure or lack of supply.

The homelift can continue in normal operation for hundreds of trips even in case of a mains failure or blackout. The option of adding just one solar panel to the system makes the elevator “Allied with the sun” with net ZERO energy consumption during daylight.

What is it

  • Intelligent supply system.
  • Connection to a 230 Vac socket
    (200W peak power).
  • Recovering and storing the energy when elevator generates.
  • Very large number of trips in case of mains failure. Avoids trapping in any situation.
  • Very simple solar panel connectivity.
  • Quick installation even for existing homelifts.

Advantage of using HISS

  • Reduces peak power to 200 W.
  • The Homelift continues in normal operation even lacking mains supply.
  • Braking energy is recovered.
  • Reduces strongly the elevator stand-by.
  • Expands life expectancy of the drive.
  • Eliminates the need for an additional backup system UPS.
  • Enables the use of solar energy.
  • Suitable for new or existing elevators.
Turn your Homelift into solar.

By connecting a solar panel you can get your elevator to be independent of the mains.

The system comprises

  • One single-phase 200 W input.
  • Two outputs:
    • 300 Vdc to feed the single-phase VVVF drive.
    • 230 Vac to supply control, door operators, brakes, etc.
  • Optional input from solar panels.
  • Extensive communication signals with the control such as for example, battery state-of-charge or energy consumption.
  • Energy accumulators (24 Vdc) granting the elevator to operate for more than 100 trips lacking mains.

Product range and technical features

Turn your elevator into solar

It is possible very easily