Plug and play solution that combines bidirectional DC/DC converters with LiFePO4 battery modules.

Bidirectional DC/DC converters with LiFePO4 battery modules.

The installation of lithium battery for a hybrid lead + lithium system for Elívere Solar is almost finished!.

With a mínimum investment they will obtain, among others, benefits such as:

  • More energy available.
  • Diesel generator usage reduction.
  • Power failures reduction.
  • Increased service life of the existing lead-acid battery.

Here below some technical data about the current installation, and the results after the optimization:

The solution includes a high-voltage Pylonthech battery solution combined with a bidirectional DC/DC charge and discharge converter.

By including 20% out of the total capacity in lithium batteries, the system can manage to increase the energy storage status by up to 40% in off-grid installations.

It is a plug and play solution that combines bidirectional DC/DC converters with Pylontech LiFePO4 battery modules using a customized control specially designed for the application.

The combination of batteries and converter will be used to increase de solar energy absorption between 50-100% allowing for an increase of daily energy consumption between 50 and 150% depending on weather conditions. The benefits obtained are achieved without drastically increasing the battery bank, solar panel power or space requirements.

Current installation data:
  • Solar panels: Peak power 28.3kW
  • Existing lead batteries: 1265 Ah at 48V -> 60.7 kWh
  • Current average daily consumption: 10 kWh
After optimization installation data:
  • Expected future daily consumption after installation: 15-25 kWh
  • Hybridization power installed: 4.4 kW
  • Lithium battery installed: 16.8 kWh

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