Epic power joins CurrentOS foundation

epic power joins currentos foundation

Pleased to announce our recent membership with the CurrentOS foundation.

Why CurrentOS?

The Current OS Foundation has developed a protocol that allows to design scalable DC networks.

DC sources and their combinations (batteries, solar panels, electric vehicles, etc.) are becoming more prevalent, starting to surpass AC sources.

This protocol covers aspects as critical as voltage levels, protection, corrosion reduction, etc.

Schneider Electric, Eaton, ABB and UL Solutions, four major electrical companies, with their support for the protocol and the foundation, are a fundamental pillar in the process of turning this protocol into a global standard for the creation of DC infrastructures.

We believe in a DC powered future!

This objective is totally aligned with  our “dc powered future”  core vision.

We are making DC transformers as a key building block of this new DC paradigm.

With our simple to control and simple to connect bidirectional DC converters we are here to make the life of energy management engineers much simpler.