Solution for high-speed elevators

Solution for high-speed elevators

Is it possible to save energy and cut power peaks in half in >100 m. > 4/ms elevators?

The answer is YES, but let us explain the problem…

This kind of high-speed elevators are becoming more usual in big cities. They move at standard speeds between 4 and 8 m/s with loads ranging 1200-2000 kg.

Given the challenging high speed requirements, big loads and fast acceleration, these machines need to deal with power peaks up to 3 times the nominal consumption. On top of that, elevators in high buildings suffer a continuous use that can show big numbers in energy consumption.

But… what can our solution do for such installation?

By including our DC/DC + Supercapacitors solution, it is possible to reduce the peak power and the energy consumption from the mains by up to 70%!

The characteristics of supercapacitors allow for achieving non-maintenance power storage while DC/DC converters by epic power ensure easy connection to any VF Drive in the market.

And… How does it work?


By monitoring the DC link of the drive, the DC/DC converter establishes when the motor is working as a generator, to charge the supercapacitors, or when it is working as a motor to provide the energy previously saved.

Also, an external controller can command the discharge of the supercapacitors on demand to cut power peaks in the installation. 

The connection to the DC link of a drive is available in most brands and manufacturers.

In the graphs below, an example of 50% peak power reduction and 58% of energy reduction in a full-up and empty down consecutive trips is shown.

More detailed explanations can be found in the complete technical document.

Download it here: AN031_High-speed elevators

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