A nice visit to Epic Power headquarters

Automatic and electronic Engineering Students from Universidad de Zaragoza visiting Epic Power Converters

Few days ago we had a very nice visit.

Students in the 4th year of the Automatic and Electronic Engineering degree at the Universidad de Zaragoza. (Industrial Electronics subject).

Visit to Epic Power Converters, from Students from Universidad de Zaragoza.
Automation and electronics engineering.
Automatic and electronics engineering students visiting Epic Power Converters.

In case of someone doesn´t know it yet, Epic Power was born there, and there are our roots.

We received them with open arms and with much affection. In one way or another we see ourselves reflected in them.

And that’s why we like this kind of visits.  Some time ago we were students like them, and today, although we are no longer university students, we still think big.

We hope you enjoyed the visit, and we hope that, like us, your dream comes true!

We believe in a DC powered future!